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Apple Employee Benefits Guide

Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) at Apple:

An equity grant of Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) is the primary way that Apple employees receive Apple stock. One unit of Restricted Stock conveys your right to receive one common share of Apple stock at a specific time in the future according to a designated “vesting” schedule.

Apple's RSU Vesting Schedule:

Most clients we’ve seen at Apple have vesting schedules that operate under the “4 year schedule/1 cliff” time table.

This means that 25% of your RSUs will vest after one year from grant date, and the rest will vest on a quarterly schedule over the following 3 years. So, if you stay at the company all 4 years after the grant date, you will see all your RSUs vest and as a result you will own those Apple Stock moving forward.

Want to learn more?

Please download the full Employee Benefit Guide for Apple Employees for a more detailed breakdown other financial benefits offered by Apple. 


To learn more about RSUs are and how they work logistically, read here.

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