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Meet Your Financial Team

We are excited to have you on board! 

Planning your financial future may seem overwhelming at first, but we are here to make it as easy as possible. 

We have experts working behind the scenes to ensure every piece of your transition goes smoothly. 

Take a moment to meet the members of your financial sqaud!

Meet Neisy Arnez, RICP - Director of Operations

Neisy keeps things running smoothly. You'll likely speak to her when you are moving money from Poitn A to Point B. Neisy will ensure your rollovers are handled with extra care. Have questions about what you'll need to initiate a rollover? Give Neisy a call. 

Phone: 646-432-7821
Email: Neisy@druckerwealth.com

Meet Bridget Farrington - Director of Wow!

Need help with online access? Want to attend an upcoming event? Bridget is the person you'll want to speak to! Give her a call or send an email. 

Phone: 646-432-7872
Email: bridget@druckerwealth.com

Meet Priya Lasrado, RICP - Financial Planning Associate

Priya, otherwise known as our Financial Planning Princess, will be your guide in helping you upload information to Right Capital, our financial panning tool. She has a knack for explaining how to use the tool and will be there to answer any questions you have if you get stuck along the way.   

Phone: 646-647-2204
Email: priya@druckerwealth.com