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Gideon Drucker Press Kit

Interview Questions

  1. You come from a multi-generational wealth management firm. While most of us grow up with disempowering money messages — like worry, or spending without thinking — what was it like for you to live with your father and grandfather being so focused on money?

  2. What does HENRY stand for, and why is the title of your new book “How to Avoid HENRY Syndrome"?

  3. Why focus just on millennials? What makes millennials so different when it comes to planning for the future?

  4. Why is investment time frame the most important factor when it comes to investing, and how can we use the "three bucket" approach to address this?

  5. What is Financial Life Plan, and how can we create one?

  6. For the millennials engaged in our interview right now, what can you tell them to be inspired to create your kind of financial plan?

  7. When we make a financial plan, how can we build in the flexibility we need for all that life can throw our way?

  8. What is the downside to aggressively paying off student debt — or any debt — as fast as you can?

  9. You spent some time after college as a sergeant in the Israeli Defense Forces. How did that experience relate to how you work with clients on their financial plans?

  10. When we consider our investments — whether we’re millennials or not — what’s your advice about playing the stock market? Stocks or bonds? Leave our money in for the long haul, or pull it out when the doomsayers declare the market is headed south? What’s your philosophy?

  11. You discuss your sister, Gabby, who did not go into the family business. How did she take on the family wisdom for her own life and personal training business?

  12. What is the secret to investment success that we actually have control over?

  13. What is lifestyle creep and why do you call it the biggest boogeyman for high earning young professionals?

  14. How can we avoid the trap?

  15. What is the only number that truly matters when it comes to our financial picture, and why is it the driving force towards financial independence?

  16. What is your best hope for your book, “How to Avoid HENRY Syndrome: Financial Strategies to Own Your Future?”