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When should you pay off your mortgage? Thumbnail

When should you pay off your mortgage?

As a financial planner for mid-career professionals, I get versions of this question all the time, “Should I use my annual bonus to pay down the mortgage balance?” Like any nuanced financial decision, the answer is far from black and white so let’s explore when it does and does not make sense to pay off your mortgage more aggressively.

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3 Little Tips To Retiring Happy Thumbnail

3 Little Tips To Retiring Happy

We have worked with so many people over the years, transitioning them to the next “glorious" chapter - retirement. Often, we have found that there is a disconnect; "I will retire and finally do all those things I always wanted to do, but never did" - it will simply happen. The reality - you need to take steps to ensure a happy retirement. Follow these 3 tips to enjoy a happier retirement.

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Do you make a "dangerous" amount of money? Thumbnail

Do you make a "dangerous" amount of money?

Making a "dangerous" amount of money is a real thing. If your income in 2021 was in the $150,000-$500,000 range you want to continue reading. If you're making $75k-$80k you probably have to have a pretty good handle on how much you're spending, how much you're saving and what is left over each month because you have to. There's not so much "extra" and so it requires you to be extra diligent about how you are spending your money (even more so if you're committed to a savings goal).

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