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Drucker Wealth is a firm focused on financial planning.

investing is an important part of any financial plan.

Once we’ve completed your comprehensive Financial Life Plan®, we will know how best to utilize the power of investing to accomplish your financial goals. 

While your Financial Life Plan® will include a detailed guide for you to implement our recommended investment strategy, we’ve found that many clients are looking for professional help in managing, coordinating, & maximizing their investment program on an ongoing basis.  

That’s where our investment management & ongoing financial planning services come in. 

Let’s face it - beyond the value of having a professional & experienced hand at the wheel safeguarding your financial future, you can probably find better ways to spend your day than managing your own portfolios, rebalancing across investments, or harvesting your own tax losses... (don’t worry…we’ll get there!)

At the plan’s conclusion, our team will help you execute the investment strategy we’ve laid out together based on your risk tolerance, tax situation and unique financial circumstances. We will continuously review your investment program & comprehensive plan over time to ensure your money is working as hard for you as you have for it.   

Our investment roots are most influenced by the science of investing and behavioral economics as well as our lived in experience as an investment management firm for over 60 years.

Through 6 decades, we have guided our clients and their families through 14 bear markets, 8 American Presidents, 5 wars, and thousands of one-on-one conversations about “the markets.”


Investment Philosophy: 

✔️ All successful investing is goal  

      driven and planning driven.

 🚫 All  failed investing is market driven and current events driven.

This is why your personalized investment plan will be carefully designed around you and your financial goals.

While we think this one idea pretty much captures everything…we’re happy to dig deeper into our core beliefs, investment process & approach (honestly, we can’t share these ideas enough!) Here it goes: 

We ALWAYS act in a fiduciary capacity

We are an independent wealth management, providing open architecture & access to over 170 Professionally Managed Asset Allocated Portfolios

We eat our own cooking…we only use investment strategies, portfolios, and securities for clients that we use personally

Our Investment Principles:


We believe Capital Markets go up over time. Some companies will succeed and some will fail, but on the whole markets expand over time as competition drives innovation.


It’s not about timing the market, but rather your time in the market (especially for our HENRY’s) that will determine your degree of investment success. Harnessing the extraordinary power of compound interest over long periods of time by investing in securities designed to outpace inflation and preserve your purchasing power is at the heart of any successful investment strategy.


Our own behavior as investors will dictate our lifetime investment performance dramatically more the selection of ANY individual security or group of securities themselves will do. Natural human emotions like fear and greed are the enemy of consistency, and often lead to reactive cycles of buying high and selling low. (Think about it…investments are the only product in the world that people seek to purchase after the price goes up and that we’re hesitant to buy once the price has gone down.)


Investors who attempt to “beat” the market essentially believe their own knowledge outweighs the combined wisdom of all market participants. In most cases, those investors usually fall short. Beating the market often involves taking above-average risk and incurring above-average costs—and most often those two trade-offs are simply not worth the potential reward.


Here is our Wealth Builder Division fee structure:

Wealth Builder (Age 30-54) Fee Schedule Drucker Wealth Advisory Fee

 On the first $1,500,000


On everything above $1,500,000


Minimum Annual Fees: $5,000

* Fees are based on investable assets we manage on your behalf.

** There are no trading costs or commissions….the 1% or .50% fee you see is the ALL IN advisory fee 

***  Internal fund costs may exist independent of our advisory relationship.

Investment Advisory Services offered exclusively through Drucker Wealth LLC. For more information on services offered and associated costs, please refer to the applicable Form Adv.

You can find a more complete rendering of our investment philosophy in Chapter 6 ("The Power of Equities") and Chapter 7 ("Your Emotions want to destroy your investments") of Gideon Drucker CFP® AIF® ECA® book, How To Avoid HENRY Syndrome® . Book Cover "How To Avoid High Earner, not rich yet Syndrome" by Gideon Drucker, CFP

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Drucker Wealth Investment Management Services Overview

Tax calculator icon Personalized Tax Management

Infinity symbol icon Access to an Unlimited Investment Universe

Globe icon Globally Diversified Approach

Target icon Continual “Risk Number” Alignment

Bank icon Institutional, Third Party Custodians

Continuous circle icon Continuous Proactive Review

Emotional financial decisions icon Behavioral Coaching

Our Three-Bucket Approach To Wealth

Our bucketing system, the process by which we allocate your financial resources into 3 “buckets” based on the time horizon of your financial goals, will allow you to invest (& remain invested) with confidence. 

The buckets, and the allocation of resources within and between them, will change to reflect your needs as your life evolves over time. 


Safe and Liquid money bucket icon

- Emergency/Comfort Fund

- Planned Expenses


Flexible and conservative money bucket icon

- Opportunity $

- Tax-Efficiency

- Education Planning


long term growth and legacy planning bucket icon

- Growth

- Retirement

- Inheritance

Why We Outsource Our Investment Management:

Let’s Control What We Can & Prepare for What We Can’t

Neither you, us or anyone for that matter can control the market, current or future political climates or possible economic forecasts. All we can do is control how we react and behave. That’s why we put a special emphasis on behavior coaching at Drucker Wealth. By securing our own plan in confidence, we can help to safeguard your investments and finances against potential pitfalls.

In Other Words...

Emojis representing the emotional rollercoaster of investing in the markets

Staying Calm During Market Changes Is Easier Said Than Done.

Download our free “Don’t Panic!” guide today for 4 crucial strategies to help you stay level-headed during a volatile market.