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We're looking for the best and brightest to join our team.

These are the kinds of individuals who succeed at Drucker Wealth:
• Highly-energized and confident individuals who thrive in a high-change environment.
• Innovators who never stop asking, "Is there a better way?" and who have the intellectual curiosity to find it.
• Listeners…doers…communicators.
• Team players who build shared vision and accept full responsibility for making it happen.
• Leaders who are brave enough to take risks…smart enough to use sound judgment…and want to be rewarded for the value they create.
• Those who believe that constant learning is their responsibility and part of their jobs.
• Motivators who can mobilize and energize teams to produce quality results.
• Problem-solvers who can size up obstacles and seize momentum.
• People who can unleash the creativity in themselves and others.

See yourself in that list? Read on...

Financial Planner Role

Drucker Wealth is looking to add a CFP® professional or CFP® candidate with 6+ years of industry experience, preferably with a background as a Paraplanner or “Second Chair Advisor”.

This is a unique opportunity to lead client engagements in the near future, without the requirement to bring in your own clients or come in with lead-advisor experience, and to help mold the future growth of Drucker Wealth.

This is a full-time and entirely remote W-2 position.

Initial Job Responsibilities

  • Learn financial planning the “Drucker Wealth way”; integrate your background and experience into our Financial Life Plan® Process
  • Participate in existing client meetings and take detailed notes; involvement and responsibility in meetings will rapidly increase with the hopes of independently leading client engagements in 9-12 months.
  • Create client meeting agendas, develop recommendations, and manage follow up items for assigned clients
  • Learn, and eventually lead, onboarding process for new clients, following our proven Financial Life Plan® Program 
  • Communicate directly with clients and provide superior client service  
  • Learn operational aspect of assigned clients (ex-input data into various systems ie: Red Tail, Right Capital set up/maintenance, etc.)
  • Communicate directly with our Operations team re: account openings, cash transfers, investment strategy, etc. and understand the flow of business
  • Learn and tweak established Drucker Wealth workflows and processes. We are organized and process driven. Why? Well… we have bad memories which means everything (and I mean everything) gets documented.
  • Contribute to the financial planning gathering process in all aspects of a client’s life – liabilities, cash flow, investments, equity compensation, tax, education, employee benefits, business, insurance, estate planning, etc.
  • Participate in dedicated training sessions (technical financial planning, deliverables, client communication, etc.) while always looking to improve and add to our existing processes

Must-have Qualifications & Attributes 

  • CFP® designation or CFP candidate
  • 6+ years of financial planning industry experience
  • Continuous learner; desire to relentlessly improve our processes & always thinking “what’s next?”
  • Team player attitude, no job beneath you, willing to do any task to support the company
  • Resonates with Drucker Wealth company core values (outlined further below)
  • Demonstrated obsession with financial planning & has extreme ownership; views work as a passion and not a “job”
  • Passionate about building and maintaining client relationships- highly motivated to explore and maximize planning opportunities
  • Comfortable in a fast-paced and rapidly changing environment
  • Loves technology and trying new things
  • Ability to independently diagnose problems and propose creative solutions; resourceful and takes initiative
  • Absolute integrity and trust with open and honest communication given work from home set up
  • Follows established procedures; experience using CRM tasks and workflows
  • Advanced emotional intelligence, people skills and ability to actively listen
  • A sense of humor and desire to help build Drucker Wealth culture

Nice to Have Qualifications & Attributes 

  • Experience working directly with young families and a particular area of focus when it comes to financial planning (education planning, student loans, credit management, taxes etc.)
  • Experience with Redtail, Right Capital, Better Proposals, Riskalyze, Asset Map, Better Proposals, Morningstar, Bucketing Investment Philosophy
  • Experience training and managing dedicated support staff

 Growth Opportunities

  •  Begin working directly with Gideon, Autumn, Karina and their rapidly growing client base from day 1  
  •  Independently lead client engagements in 9-12 months (ideally) once comfortable with Drucker Wealth process and client relationships evolve
  •  Dedicated time for learning & growth – webinars, reading, certifications, etc. Find your planning “niche” an area of financial planning that you can “own” and become the go-to person on the team for
  •  Drucker Wealth is ALWAYS in growth mode. We have no CAP on future advisors, team members, new clients, or opportunities. We have big plans for our team’s future and every single team member is instrumental in building and designing that future.
  •  We are a family owned, boutique firm - as such there is no artificial limit on future income, role, title, opportunity etc.

Benefits & Salary

  •  $65,000+ base salary with bonus & incentive potential. Clear and tangible metrics to grow compensation over time as the number of firm clients & firm revenue increases
  • After 6-month trial period, Drucker Wealth has a 401k program with 3% match, defined benefit pension, synthetic equity, and partially subsidized health insurance
  • We have semi-annual annual retreats where we fly the team into NYC for 3-4 days of meals, happy hours, future planning, and activities.
  • You can make your own schedule as long as work is completed on time, and you are attending agreed upon client & team meetings.
  • We will pay for advanced training in areas that we mutually agree will benefit your career and our clients in areas such as communication training, advanced industry specific credentials, technical financial planning, conferences, etc.
  • Valuable Mentorship and education-rich environment

About Drucker Wealth: 

Hi! My name is Gideon Drucker CFP® AIF® ECA. I run the Wealth Builder Division here at Drucker Wealth.  

Our focus is in working with individuals and young families (aged 35-49) that are motivated to build a financial roadmap for their future & want to do so with a trusted partner that will grow with them as their lives evolve.

We created this division approximately 5 years ago after I realized how much I love working with motivated professionals in the decades BEFORE retirement age. We want to be the team that our clients look to for help/guidance as they move through’s life’s milestones (marriage, kids, home purchase, education, career changes etc.) We will help get them there!

But more on that to come.

Here’s a bit of background about our team:

We are a 3rd generation financial planning firm based out of NYC.  We are a family business and operate as such. Our clients are people we genuinely love working with (for the most part, c’mon…there’s always one or two!) and that truly appreciate & value our support. We operate with the mindset of “brutal honesty and radical transparency,” and strongly believe in educating our clients on how behavior will impact financial preparedness.

We operate virtually and have clients all over the country. The two communities we serve are pre-retirees and Mid-Career HENRY’s (High Earners Not Rich Yet), each with separate areas of focus & different Drucker Wealth Lead Advisors (Lance and Kitty for the former…Gideon and Autumn for the latter)

I like to think that we have the best of both worlds when it comes to the financial planning/wealth management industry.

On one hand, we are a proven firm with a 70-year track record, longtime multi-generational clients that love us, and a strong 12-person team core infrastructure. In other words, we are not a pop-up shop, a startup, or an early-stage firm trying to build to a baseline level of competency. We are already there.

At the same time, we are an independent financial planning firm that is adaptable/nimble and in the midst of exponential growth inside of our Wealth Builder Division...which is why we are looking for a new paraplanner to work hand-in-hand with our existing team and growing clientele.  We are constantly re-inventing ourselves and re-imagining the firm we want to be.

For example, over the last 5 years, we have become a Planning First Firm. This means that, now, every single new client relationship begins with a flat-fee financial plan before any “products” or “accounts” are even discussed (investment recommendations, life insurance, retirement accounts). After the plan, clients are free to implement our recommendations with our team (and most do…becoming wealth management clients) or they can go on their way…but that is entirely up to them once we conclude the initial plan engagement!  This advice-centric planning model has revolutionized our business and led to deeper, more complete client relationships.  We have no minimum investment asset requirement which means we are able to work with clients at the beginning of their financial journey as long as they are ready/comfortable to go through this initial Financial Life Plan®. Along with our planning first mentality, we believe that we are building the firm of the future:

  • We heavily utilize modern technology to make our work efficient, both internally and externally, as we collaborate with clients.
  • Incorporating tax planning & estate planning part of our financial planning offerings
  • A turnkey business development program that brings us warm prospects that fit our niche on a weekly basis…we communicate to prospects/clients in a more authentic (I would call it “human”) way than the wealth management world is known for.
  • A focus on life planning- Our planning is not just about “when can you retire??” but focused on family planning, education, home ownership, career changes, work-life optional life planning, travel & sabbatical planning etc.
  • Our clientele is 65% women, with a high percentage of first-time high-income earners, and the majority are those who are seeking professional financial guidance for the first time

Because it’s relevant to “why” we’re looking for a new paraplanner, you should know that I’ve been named an Investopedia Top 100 Financial Advisor, a Forbes Top Next-Gen Advisor, and a Business Insider Top 23 Financial Planner for Millennials and a Financial Advisor Magazine Young Advisor to Watch. I’ve been fortunate to learn from some of the best in the industry (most specifically my dad Lance, our firm President and CEO) and I’m excited to closely train and mentor the new talent that comes to Drucker Wealth. We operate using EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) to help us create a transparent, organized and structured work environment. Our goal is to continue to grow as a boutique firm that provides unparalleled service to clients, while also supporting our team to live their own ideal lifestyle.

Our company core values are:

 • Optimism      • Passion        • Gritty     • Being Proactive

Next Steps:

To apply, email Bridget Farrington – bridget@druckerwealth.com and please include a cover letter along with your resume. In your cover letter please describe three unique qualities you possess as they relate to this position.

The application deadline is October 1st.

Virtual Internship Role

Main Responsibilities:
• Help prepare client meeting presentations
• Assist with monthly correspondence reporting
• CRM system maintenance
• Assist in preparing financial plans
• Responsible for creating and updating client reviews
• Handles miscellaneous operational activities.
• Develops and maintains written systems of all activities.
• Performs other duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities:
• Requires:
• Pursuing BA/BS degree in finance-related field from an accredited institution
• A strong focus on getting the details right
• Strong Excel skills
• Proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite
• Demonstrated ability to manage multiple projects at once
• Ability to work autonomously
• Strong written and verbal communication skills
• Ability to work efficiently with all levels of staff and management
• Process driven, and at ease with "technoloAbility"

We are always seeking new talent to join our team. 

To apply for the internship role, email bridget@druckerwealth.com with the following,

1. Your reason for wanting to join the team.

2. Where you see yourself in 5 years.

3. Attach a copy of your resume.

We look forward to hearing from you!