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👉 3 Financial Action Steps To Take Before The End-of-Year Deadline Thumbnail

👉 3 Financial Action Steps To Take Before The End-of-Year Deadline

The end of 2022 is around the corner and I want to take you back to the reason you are reading this...


You’re the reason. It could have been 3 months or 18 months ago…but at some point YOU google searched for financial help, or you may have signed up for my webinar 💻, found me on Instagram, downloaded my book on Amazon📖, saw me on tv 📺 or heard me on your favorite podcast 🎙️ and thought:

”Hmmm...Maybe I do need some help piecing together a financial plan?” and you sought us out.

YOU took the decisive action that has you receiving this email from me all of this time later!

I emphasize your role in this because the first step in financial planning is often the hardest and you already took it!

So my question all of this time later is simple: Have you taken decisive action in crafting a financial strategy for your future? Have you continued to be proactive in making decisive financial/investment decisions? 

If so, congrats…we’d love to hear from you on what steps you took and the progress you've made!

But for the rest of you who are reading this, it is likely that other, seemingly more urgent things popped up on your radar and you put your financial organization plans on the backburner. It’s normal…we get it.

But here’s your opportunity to book your 15-minute one-on-one call with me before the end of the year, and pick it back up just in time to hit the new year 🎆 running. We do not let our clients sit back and let financial opportunities and decisions pass them by.

Our job is to make sure that you know exactly what it is you need to do to get on track 🎯 towards hitting your financial goals.

If you reach out now and if we all think you would benefit from our Financial Life Planning® process…you can have a completed a Financial Life Plan® and could have your implementation agenda before January even starts!!!

Talk about a productive way to start the year...

Before wrapping up, here are a few things to think about before the December 31st End-of-Year deadline:

1.     Are you on track to contribute as much you are able to in 2022 to your retirement accounts? 

For example your 401(k), 403(b) or TSP retirement accounts. Can you put in more to max out your contributions without damaging your cash flow? The government only lets you put in $20,500 per year to these sort of accounts and the clock starts over January 1. And most importantly, you don’t get to put in “extra” to make up for lost years in the years to come (think of your 401(k) contributions bucket that only has so much room…once you fill it up for the year, it’s filled up. Even if you left it half empty the year before.)

2.     If you have an HSA, have you contributed the maximum of $3,650?

If not, and you have the cash flow, I would recommend considering doing so…as it’s the only *triple* tax advantaged vehicle in the tax code…This is a big deal and something we can talk more about on our call. I wrote a blog about it here!

3.     Do you have any Pre-tax IRA’s or 401(k)’s from previous employers that can be rolled over and converted into a Roth?

Doing so means paying the taxes on the conversion in the current year (which may be beneficial if your income is artificially low in 2022 or you’re getting married next year) and then you will have a Roth IRA that can grow tax free in retirement AND distribute tax free** in retirement?

If this resonates with you or you have questions about your financial world and want to dig in deeper, as always I invite you set up a time to connect and Book a Right Fit call with me here!