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Gideon Drucker Press Kit

News Ideas

How to know if you’re a HENRY — and why it matters

Are you making six figures but still using your parents' Netflix Login? Are you spending more money at Starbucks than you’re saving into your 401(k)? You might be a HENRY. Gideon explains what this could mean for your future and what can you do NOW to begin changing course.

Why you don’t need a budget

Gideon discusses how to develop a strategy to consistently save money that doesn’t involve writing down the cost of every cup of coffee on the back of a napkin — a savings plan that’s automated, consistent, and — most importantly — “pays you first.”

Buy or rent: How housing helps or hurts your net worth

How do you know if you’re ready to buy and how do you know how much house you can afford? Gideon explains why many young professionals start off “house poor” — spending too large a proportion of their income on housing — and how they can avoid this fate.

Is your wallet as ready for kids as you are?

If you’re recently married, you may want to have the “financial conversation” before you buy the baby books! What’s the priority when preparing for children? How do you prepare beforehand? How do you start prepping for your kid’s college before they can walk? Gideon shares what young couples should consider when planning for the future.

Develop your future: The HENRY in tech

Many young workers in the tech industry make good money and have stock options and other perks, but live in places with high costs of living and face high demands for their time and money. Based in NYC, Gideon presents his HENRY Syndrome ™ workshops at companies including Uber, AirBnB and Wework. He discusses steps to help young workers plan and prepare financially for the future.

Why you need a “bucket plan” for your money — and your life

Gideon explains how dividing finances into “buckets” based on time and life stages can help HENRYs build wealth.

The secret to investment success you CAN control

We can’t control the markets, taxes or politics, but we can control our own behavior — and how we behave financially has a make or break effect on whether we achieve success. Gideon discusses risk and volatility, and how knowing the difference between them can help guide smarter investment choices.

To build wealth, beware the “creep”

How can people earn more than six figures and still struggle financially? A key reason is “lifestyle creep” ­— our tendency to spend more as we earn more. Gideon explains how a scene from “Talladega Nights” illustrates the problem, and shares savings habits that can help people build their net worth and become financially independent.

Not rich yet due to student loan debt?

Total student loan debt is now a record $1.5 trillion, and the average student debt per 2018 graduate who took out student loans was $29,800 — and HENRYs who take on student loan debt typically owe about $50,000 more than the national average. Gideon discusses what young people can do to avoid starting off their adult life in a deep financial hole.

The only number that matters

What’s the only number that matters for a young professional? Gideon explains why the only number that really matters is not your income, or your net worth, but the amount you save each year — and how to make this truth “the driving force in our quest to become financially independent."

How to be fearless with your finances

A third-generation financial advisor, Gideon learned at his father’s and grandfather’s knees how to build financial freedom. He explains how to design your own personal path to financial empowerment, and shares a lesson from his service in the Israeli military that can help people deal with market volatility.