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Planning Within Your Comfort Zone

Yes, we were doing Virtual Planning with clients around the country before COVID and were therefore uniquely situated to move to a virtual practice when the world was seemingly falling apart!

You might ask why we were using a Virtual Planning approach even before March of 2020. Well, we primarily work with busy, hard working high earning professionals.  A lot of these individuals and families are moving a million miles a minute.  They did not want to hustle down to our NYC office even in the best of times! And we get it....

We've designed our entire financial planning program with our unique clients in mind, making financial planning comfortable and convenient as we're able to build our relationship and do everything in a virtual environment.

With our Virtual Planning process, the client portal becomes the โ€œofficeโ€,  Zoom becomes the office table that we sit around, and all paperwork and follow up action steps are done completely online using digital tools like DocuSign and our Client Portal Vault. 

Save time, money and the frustration of making your way through midtown rush hour traffic.

Connect with our team of advisors and fiduciaries from anywhere! Whether you're a west coast native or taking an extended hiatus from the NYC area we will continue planning for your future.

 With Virtual Planning we offer greater flexibility for meeting times, even early mornings and late evenings.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long have you been planning with clients virtually?

We've listened carefully to the needs of our clients. Eight years ago we began steps to becoming virtual planners. While back then planning virtually was practically unheard of, we began working with a select group of people across the country who wanted to plan with us.  

What tools and technology do I need to become a Virtual Client?

We recommend having a device, such as an iPad or laptop that has a screen large enough to view the presentations and documents we will review during our meetings. Beyond that, having a webcam, whether it is the camera on your iPad, laptop or phone, will work perfectly. 

What online program do you use to meet virtually?

We use Zoom meetings. We have tested many different programs over the years and find Zoom to be the most user-friendly and seamless experience for us and our clients. 

Virtual Planning is new to me, what will I miss out on by not coming to your Park Avenue office?

Other than enjoying a hot cup of coffee prepared by a member of my team, and the opportunity to slip a few of our awesome Drucker Wealth stylus pens in your pocket, you will have the exact same experience virtually than you would if we met in person. 

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