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Gideon Drucker, CFP® AIF® ECA Named to InvestmentNews 40 Under 40 Class of 2023! Thumbnail

Gideon Drucker, CFP® AIF® ECA Named to InvestmentNews 40 Under 40 Class of 2023!

Readers, many of you have been reading my newsletters and blogs for a long time... I wanted to share a brief moment of "reflection" upon being named a 40 Under 40 Winner by InvestmentNews for 2023!

I am obsessed with what I do…I really am. I love every inch of it.

I love being the guy my clients turn to for advice/guidance on major life decisions. I love mapping out long-term scenarios, cash flows, and success rates with you all and then taking action together.

I love coaching/educating my team of advisors & paraplanners on the “DWM Program” that we’re building together.

I love nerding out on new fintech, figuring out what we need, and then bringing them into our business to become more efficient (shout out @Right Capital, @Holistiplan, @Hubly and a few more I can’t name yet 😊)

I love listening to a successful financial advisor share their journey on The Michael Kitces Podcast while on my Saturday morning run…writing notes on my phone along the East River…and then emailing the Drucker Wealth Team a 10 paragraph Opus about what we need to do next.

I love building better processes & hiring new team members (shout out @ Traction & EOS) with particular goals in mind: How do we provide more value to our clients each year? How do we keep scaling? How do we add new services?

I love writing about, well, all of it. My bi-weekly newsletter, reaching 8,000+ people weekly, allows me to share tax strategy ideas, client planning stories, financial advice taken from my own life. My second book (Mid-Career HENRY’s) is coming out in January 2024.

I love the Drucker Wealth team & culture we’ve built together. Every single person on the team is foundational to where we’ve been & where we’re going. This is the dream team.

I love imagining what my business & will look like 5 years and 10 new Drucker Wealth Advisors from now…and then actually having the opportunity and freedom to go out and make it happen.

If I’m honest with myself (and you all): it didn’t start this way. Sure, my whole life I wanted to be “in the business” (have my own financial advisory business) but I had no idea what that meant.

My motivation when I was younger was simple:

  1. My dad is my role model & best friend. I want to do what my dad does.

As I got older 2 more (simplistic) motivations manifested:

  1. Money. I knew that if done right, this could be a way to take care of my own family financially.
  2. Freedom & control. I’m competitive & don’t respond well to authority… Even in college, I knew that I’d rather work 90 hours per week for myself than 30 hours per week for someone else.

I started at Drucker Wealth 6 years ago. I started by sitting in on meetings, sending follow ups, and supporting existing clients. My dad would tell me I had to become “a student of the business” if I wanted to be elite at what we did. That meant reading industry papers, studying the best Financial Advisors/Business Owners, listening to podcasts from successful peers, basically breathing in what we did and how we did it.

That first year was interesting. Being involved day to day, I realized how special/unique my dad truly was. He had built one of the most successful practices in the country (1), essentially by himself for the first 20 years, by sheer force of will. He then built out a top-notch team & business infrastructure- again, without a partner or any sort of roadmap guiding him, just the force of his personality and his drive for more. His clients love him, value him, and count on him...decade after decade. Knowing what I do now, I can say even more strongly that my dad is a one-of-one.

On my side, well, I was 24 and it took me a little bit...I had just finished the army. My head was still in Israel. My mind was still focused on nerding out on what I enjoyed studying: history & foreign policy. Looking back, I hadn’t caught “the bug” yet. Slowly but surely, this changed.

5 years later and the Drucker Wealth Builder Division (which at first was just a fancy way of saying “Hey, young people that Gideon wants to work with, look at us!”) can stand on its own two feet. Hundreds of clients. Multiple lead advisors and multiple paraplanners. Independent recognition from industry insiders (Investment News, Investopedia, Forbes). An exponential and intentional growth rate. We’ve incorporated an estate and insurance team into our program. Targets of hiring 1-2 new advisors each year. A brand recognized by mid-career professionals from all around the country.

I’m not typically one for reflections: I don’t pause very often, having learned from my dad, (again, the most relentless person I’ve ever met) that moving forward is all that matters.

But this 40 under 40 Award…well, it matters to me. I’m honored & humbled by it and what it means for what we’re building here at Drucker Wealth (it is, truly, a team award in my eyes). And so it seemed as good a time as any to reflect on what the journey’s been like for Drucker Wealth & where we’re headed.

Because I can promise you this: We are just getting started.

If now is the right time for us to connect, you can schedule your 15 minute "Right Fit" Call here. We're ready for you!