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Webinar: Long Term Care - Which Solution Is Right For You?

Why should you watch?

If you already own a Long Term Care policy or are thinking about getting one... you will want to watch! If you are concerned about future financial expenses for yourself or a family member... you will want to watch!

Here are some staggering statistics for you...

  • 92% of older adults have at least one chronic disease. (77% have at least two!)
  • Approximately every 40 seconds somebody in America is experiencing a heart attack or having a stroke,
  • And every 65 seconds, my personal favorite somebody develops Alzheimer's, which is prevalent in my family.

So that brings me to... Long Term Care.

There are all different kinds of policies, and different opinions of what you should own. In fact, I stopped recommending anything about 3 years ago... until now.

I am going to break everything down for you in the webinar.

If you are between 50-70 and you have not thought about this, then you need to be on this webinar. If you know someone who would benefit from listening in, share it with them!


Lance Drucker, CLU, ChFC