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What happens next? ✉️ Part 2 of "Designing Your Financial Life Plan"

Today I am giving you a behind the scenes look... of my office 📷 and of our Financial Life Planning™️ process. 

In part one of my "behind the scenes" look 👀 into what actually occurs in our planning process I explained why having the answer to 3 specific questions is the very first step.

Have you answered these 3 questions?

  • How much excess saving capacity do you have left after all of your expenses are taken care of?
  • What percentage of your gross income does this saving capacity equate to?
  • Will saving/investing this amount of money allow you to reach your specific financial goals?

So first off, if your answer was no ❌...don't panic! Most people we connect with initially start off not being able to answer these questions either. It is normal. And that is why we cover these questions in part one of our Financial Life Planning™️ process.

If your answer is yes ✔️ ...great! Let's move onto the next stage in the Financial Life Plan™️ process...

At this point, you know exactly what your current savings capacity (an actual dollar amount) looks like and what your savings rate (money saved divided by gross income) is...awesome.

To re-iterate, *these 2 figures are crucial!*

How else could anyone make recommendations or suggest changes if they don't know where you stand?

Once our team knows your saving "capacity" we will to advise you on whether or not following through on this saving/investing amount will allow you to reach your financial goals and organize your financial life in the future; In other words...

Will it be "enough" to...
  • put you on a path towards financial success?
  • allow you to retire early? ⛱️
  • send your kids' to college? 🎓
  • purchase your first home within the next 36 months? 🏡

FYI in case you are wondering... I will never show someone a plan that DOES NOT WORK.

✅ Most goals are possible with the right adjustments.

You will first get to see how the plan stands right now and how close or far away you are from hitting all your goals, no matter how rough (or great) it might look..

👉 I will also show you exactly what an optimal financial life will look like and what will ultimately take to get you in better shape and get where you want to go most efficiently.

Sometimes this means...

  • increasing your savings rate by cutting back on expenses,
  • by putting more into your 401k or 529 plan respectively,
  • by opening up more tax efficient saving vehicles etc.

While sometimes it's more about re-adjusting your goal expectations in the first place.

For instance, maybe 4 years out is more realistic than 2 when it comes to buying your first home. Maybe you want to hang onto your current consulting income for an extra 12 months before venturing on your own.

The bottom line is... we WILL show you what needs to be done...it all starts with lifting up the hood of your financial world and diving in as I stated in part one.

We're excited to be along for the ride...

If you have any questions about your financial world, please set up a time to connect and Book a Right Fit call with me here.



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