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DWM Wits/Wisdom! I asked... you answered! πŸ˜ƒ Also enclosed, an invitation βœ‰οΈ to my upcoming webinar...

Last week, I had asked you to send me some advice you would've given to your younger self.

The response was AMAZING! πŸ‘

I wanted to share the advice you all sent in below: ⬇️

  • Find a job that you love and stick with it. Salary should never be your primary consideration. Commit for the long haul. πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»
  • Never be afraid to ask for exactly what you want
  • Don't spend more than you make. Budget, budget, budget.
  • While I started making regular additions to my firm’s plans from the very beginning, I should have made a practice of making systematic deposits πŸ”„ to my personal savings account. 
  • Encourage one's child πŸ§’ to open a Roth IRA with their first part-time job, see first hand the rewards of long-term growth.
  • Start putting away for retirement ⛱️ as early as possible (AKA - From tiny acorns do mighty oaks grow.)
  • Use a knowledgeable professional from the beginning. If this is not your expertise, then find a company that has the proven success rate to go with.
  • Don't blow up credit cards. πŸ™…β€β™€οΈπŸ’³ You'll get buried in fees and never catch up if you just pay the minimum.
  • Some might say it's easier simply to marry for love someone who is also rich right from the start; That approach, however, clearly lacks the wit and wisdom you have requested.
  • The dress πŸ‘— you thought you had to have a 21, you won't remember 2 years later or will have lost it
  • Well, I would have kept the old hard drive where I mined some Bitcoins back when you could do that on a desktop… 🀯
  • I’d have reversed the ratio of fixed income to equities and, of course, sought out professional investment advice much sooner.
  • I would encourage your younger clients to talk with their partners/children if and when they have them, including their female partners /daughters, about their financial situation and their views of important financial planning for the future.
  • I would have started regularly investing sooner and more aggressively but prudently.
  • Start planning and saving as early as possible......no matter what your income may be.
  • But what I would tell my younger self, besides spending less than you make is to have a plan from Day #1 of work.
  • Save a work check, spend a work check. Accumulate a savings acct for financial backup.
  • I would encourage myself to immediately set up automatic savings πŸ”„ each paycheck starting with maxing my 401K contributions (not just getting the company match).
  • College πŸŽ“ is one of the few things in life, besides a home and reasonable home improvements, that will appreciate in value over time. 
  • Become better educated πŸ‘¨β€πŸ« about charting a course for the future as soon as I started my first full-time job.

Onward and Upward! πŸ€™

Lance & The Drucker Wealth Team