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My dogs 🐟, Podcast Recs 🎙 and what to do with your 401(k)

In today's video I am joined by my family's 2 rescue labs, Zena and Zoe (Zena wasn't comfortable with her position as you'll see!) I share some of my favorite podcasts, and then share HUGE podcast news that I'm probably way too excited about...

I also share the proactive steps you can take with your 401(k) that your future self will thank you for...

Lastly, If you're struggling to understand what's happening in the markets right now and are concerned about the stock market's "risk" read my blog here.

As you'll read, market downturns are normal, and with 100% certainty... this one too shall pass!


Speaking of podcasts, check out this interview I did recently with Business Consultant and Youtuber, Natalie Barbu, on her show The Real Reel