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We've Added An Exciting New Feature to our Financial Life Plan! πŸŽ‰ Open up to take advantage of it today.

We are constantly looking for ways to level up the value we provide to you. 

When I recently learned about the Health Analysis and Longevity Optimizer, aka HALO, I immediately knew it was something I needed to build into our Financial Life Planning process!!!

The tool connects YOUR longevity to your MONEY'S longevity. 

Since you've previously completed your FLP with our team, you're entitled to every new πŸ”” bell and πŸ˜— whistle we add to it in the future. 

This new HALO tool is a big deal.

Why? Because health and care costs are the biggest unknowns in financial planning.

Most advisors base their estimates on the average person, but you’re not average and we're not most advisors. 

We will customize our projections for your plan with HALO – the Health Analysis and Longevity Optimizer.

Get started and complete the assessment by clicking here!

HALO teaches us a lot about your future, including how to plan for healthy and active retirement years, out-of-pocket health care costs, and home or assisted care costs.

Once you've completed the assessment you can book time on my calendar here to review your report together!

Onward and Upward! πŸ€™

Lance & The Drucker Wealth Team