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Here's What Working With Us

Will Look Like For You

Give Your Finances Some TLC With The Drucker Wealth Financial Life Plan™ Process



Right Fit Call


Virtual Discovery Meeting


Beginning Your Financial Life Plan


Plan Delivery


Plan Implementation


Implementation Review (Optional)


Ongoing Planning & Meetings

  Right Fit Call

Scheduling your 15-minute Right Fit phone call here will give us both a chance to make sure your situation matches our expertise. After all, you wouldn’t see a Cardiologist if you needed foot surgery. This intro “Fit” Call focuses exclusively on your family’s financial goals & priorities, your current and future means to achieve them, and whether our team of fiduciaries is the right fit to help you bridge that gap.

Because we only work with a select group of clients, we use this call to determine if we are a good fit and if not we will happily point you to the right expert for your unique needs. If we are a good fit, before our next meeting, we will send you a quick link to fill out to better prepare us for our initial get together. This tool will paint a one page visual picture of your family’s entire financial world.

  Virtual Discovery Meeting (45 Minutes)

Like a doctor, it’s important to diagnose before we prescribe.

The next step is a one-hour virtual meeting that will serve three functions.

1. Our team will get crystal clear on your financial goals, needs, and concerns as well as learn about your current financial situation.

2. You will get a clear understanding of who we are, our process, and our approach. We will walk through the Financial Life Plan™ process that all new Drucker Wealth clients go through so you understand exactly what’s involved in hiring our team to do complete your Financial Life Plan™ at the meeting’s conclusion.

Click here to review our process.

3. Most importantly…We will find out if we actually like, trust, and want to spend more time together!

At this point, If we all agree to start your Financial Life Plan™, we will sign the necessary paperwork and you will pay the first half of the planning fee to officially start building your financial roadmap.

  Beginning Your Financial Life Plan

After our one-on-one meeting, if we both agree to move forward, we will begin your Financial Life Plan and work on building your family’s roadmap from the ground floor up. We will start the process our process that’s founded upon 60 + years of experience, decades of Nobel-prize winning research, and thousands of hours of training. Fundamentally the journey we’re starting seeks to answer 3 questions’:

  1. Are you on track to reach your short term and long-term financial goals (e.g. retirement, or work-optional)?
  2. Are you doing everything you can to limit your current and future tax bill?
  3. Are your investments aligned with your goals, time horizon, and risk tolerance?

Once we begin the FLP™, our planning team will help you gather your investment statements, policies, tax returns, budget assessments and start onboarding you to our goal-based planning portal to start building the future of your own choosing.

  Plan Delivery

With the Financial Life Plan complete, we will schedule our Delivery Meeting to review your current financial standing, and present our findings, analysis and recommendations.

In plain English, we will explain exactly what you need to do to reach your financial goals. We will break down your present and future cash flow, analyze your spending & saving habits, reorganize your financial priorities (if necessary), and run through your plan’s diagnostics.  We will also address the three critical questions we asked during the Planning Input phase.

  Plan Implementation

We will walk you through the individual saving strategies, tax planning strategies, individual investment recommendations, and protection planning suggestions that we would help you implement IF you hire us to become your investment advisor at the plan’s conclusion.

To help you make a smart decision, we ask you to answer these questions after this meeting:

  1. Do I like, trust, and respect the Drucker Wealth team?
  2. Do the benefits outweigh the cost?
  3. Do I understand and agree with their investment approach?
  4. Do their financial planning recommendations make sense?

If you decide that we aren’t a good fit to work together any further than the Financial Life Plan™ , we will not take it personally. In fact, maybe you just wanted a checkup (second opinion) of your financial health before continuing on your own…That’s ok! We will wish you the best and will be available to serve as a resource in the future.

  Implementation Review (Optional)

If we all agree to move forward and implement the action steps from your plan we will start transitioning assets, let you know when you can expect the changes to be complete, and show you how to access your new accounts and your client portal.

  Ongoing Planning & Meetings 

After we’ve developed the plan together, the maintenance phase begins. We’ll be meeting regularly to discuss new developments, maintain your investment strategy, and make sure your Financial Life Plan™ is on track as your life evolves. 

Our role is to serve as your trusted advisor, always, so you can focus on living your life & doing the things most important to you and your family. Remember, you have access to us whenever something comes up but we like to meet at least once a quarter. 

As your investment advisor, we continuously monitor and review with you your Financial Life Plan and your investment holdings to ensure that both are in line with your financial situation as it evolves. Our role is to serve as your trusted advisor, always, so you can focus on living your life & doing the things most important to you and your family. Put another way, WE GOT THIS.


What can you expect from our team? 


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