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Here's What Working With Us

Will Look Like For You

Give Your Finances Some TLC With the DWM FLP™ 💚

As we get to know each other, we want to keep things as candid as possible. That’s why we like to outline exactly what you can expect from us throughout the financial planning process. It starts with a no-obligation introductory meeting and continues on to developing goals, discussing life events and forming a plan together.


60-Minute Discovery Meeting

You'll tell us what you want, we tell you how we can weave our magic. We'll explain how we work, what tools we use and the ins and outs of our financial planning process.

FLP Analysis

Financial Life Plan™

We'll ask you to gather your statements, insurance policies and company benefit plans. Based on these documents, we'll complete and design a written goal plan. In addition, we'll run your risk number and offer an investment and protection analysis. We'll send you a link to our planning portal. From there, you'll input your goals, cash flow and assets.

FLP™ Presentation

Centered around your goals, current standings and future needs, we'll present the Financial Life Plan™ which includes:

  • Goal-Based Financial Plan
  • Monte Carlo Analysis
  • Protection Plans
  • Actionable Recommendations

FLP Implementation

You like the plan that we proposed? New accounts are established and funded. We'll confirm tilting and beneficiary information. From there, we'll offer a plan summary, establish client access, review statements and discuss the next steps.

FLP Review

Once your plan is in motion, we'll continuously review life changes, goals and forward planning as well as offer portfolio review and rebalancing.

Book A First Meeting

What is THE Financial Life Plan?

What will you receive with your Financial Life Plan? Answers on the go.

What can you expect from our team? 

What Is Our Service Model?

Our service model includes a fee based on assets under management as well as a separate fee for planning.

We use a formal financial life planning process before engaging in an investment management relationship with each of our clients. The planning process allows us to best provide a comprehensive analysis of your current financial picture and objective, actionable recommendations to move you closer to achieving your financial goals. 

Still have questions? It's likely we've answered them here:

Frequently Asked Questions