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Did You Hire A Portfolio Manager Or A Financial Planner? Thumbnail

Did You Hire A Portfolio Manager Or A Financial Planner?

Here's one of the most common things I hear from people curious about working with us:

"Well, financial Advisor John Smith manages a few of my accounts...but...I'm reaching out because I feel like his team doesn't "do" planning. We have an annual check in call...but it's really only about the investment accounts themselves...I still don't feel like I have an actual plan and that's what I'm looking for"

I always ask..."well, if they don't do financial life planning, what is it that they're doing for you?"

It's at this point that these people realize that they may not actually have a Financial Planner...they have an investment professional who charges commission or a fee for products and assets under management, but doesn’t offer any holistic financial planning. 

What's the difference?

If your advisor spends their day tracking the markets, analyzing how Pepsi’s new management will affect their stock price, and whether this is the year for emerging markets…they are not a financial planner.

If your advisor spends their day talking to you about your cash flow, how much you are saving for your kids’ college versus how much you need for retirement, and how your long term planning will provide opportunities within your 401k allocation…they are a financial planner!

If your advisor's office is closed on President’s Day because the markets are closed and the markets dictate their schedule…they are not a financial planner.

If President’s day is one of your busiest days for your advisor because clients are eager to review their plan and client circumstances dictate their schedule…you are working with a financial planner!

Any investment professional  can  tell you if your accounts are doing well...

A financial planner can tell if your goals, your cash flow, your investments and your tax planning are coordinated and whether or not you’re on the right track for your financial future...

As a Certified Financial Planner I can help you design a Financial Life Plan which will serve as a "Financial Roadmap" for your future! (AND we can use professionally managed portfolios in our investment program.)

Only YOU can hire a financial planner.

Set up your Right Fit call today!