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The Only Number That Matters Thumbnail

The Only Number That Matters

If you had to tell somebody about your finances, but could only tell them one thing, what would be the best barometer of whether you were on track to becoming financially successful? I'm sure most of you answered salary, savings, or net worth right? That’s what I hear the most when people start to explain their financial world to me…

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If Your Rent Went Up $500 What Would You Do? Thumbnail

If Your Rent Went Up $500 What Would You Do?

I had a meeting last week where I went through a client’s current budget, retirement plan, cash flow and protection plan when we got down to the most important part of the conversation - how much was he saving a month? His "system" had basically been to add whatever's left over at the end of the month to his saving account. It usually went up and so, he didn't really ever think to question the numbers.

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My IDF Guard Duty... And Market Volatility Thumbnail

My IDF Guard Duty... And Market Volatility

The past 7 years the markets have been so consistently positive with little volatility that any downturn now seems apocalyptic. We’ve gotten too comfortable. Market volatility is normal. From 1980 through 2016, as an example, the S&P 500 has had an average inter-year swing of 14% annually! In other words, stuff goes up and down, a lot.

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