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WEBINAR: 3 Secrets To Managing Your Finances During COVID-19 Thumbnail

WEBINAR: 3 Secrets To Managing Your Finances During COVID-19

April 15, 2020 • Webinar

3 Secrets To Managing Your Finances During COVID-19

SECRET #1: Market Swings Should Be Our Best Friend [13:43]

Things are going to up and down over night, day by day, week by week. We need to internalize that every year, there is a period of time that things are fluctuating wildly and then is when we tend to freak out, and to know know what to do. We can't control the markets changing, but we for sure can control our reaction and investments. It is NOW the time to start building your foundation according to your needs; everyone's priorities are different. 

SECRET #2: You Have More Control Over Your Taxes Than You Think...[22:17]

Everyone cringes when they hear the word taxes. I know, most of us think about taxes and if the amount we are paying is the right amount, but we need to change our thinking about it. We have to think about our taxes proactively instead of reactively every year. Do we want to pay now or later?

SECRET #3: You Can Start Protecting Against Your Greatest Retirement Risk Now [36:18]

What happens when we are ready to step off the wheel? What can we do to plan as we approach retirement? 

So what it comes down to, 

  • are you managing your tax bracket?
  • Are you saving money into your Pre-tax bucket or your Roth bucket with an understanding of how it affects your marginal tax rate?
  • Are your investments allocated tax-sensitively?

Having an answer to these 3 questions means tangible & real time changes to your financial future. 

Now is the time to become more strategic about your planning. If you're ready to schedule a 15 minute Fit Call! 

let's talk!